• Buransh Squash

Buransh Squash

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Buransh Squash is made from Rhododendron or Buransh Flowers.

The Rhododendron or Buransh in local language is the state tree of Uttarakhand. Rhododendron is a small evergreen tree with deep red or soft pink flowers. It has numerous medicinal properties, it is being utilized as a traditional remedy for different diseases. Rhododendron flowers are traditionally utilized by the people residing in the mountainous region to make pickle, juice, jam, syrup, honey, squash, etc., and to treat various ailments like diarrhea, headache, inflammation, bacterial and fungal infections. The same is also used by several traditional medical practitioners since old times from the forests.

Buransh Squash (Sugar Free) from Nirvana Organic is great for your health because: 

  • No chemicals or pesticides are used.
  • Sourced from the high rises of Uttarakhand Himalayas.
  • Packed with nutrition.
  • Great for health.

What is Buransh Squash?

Buransh flower is a bright Red colored flower that grows in the upper reaches of the Himalayas. The word Rhododendron is derived from the Greek word: “rhodo” means “rose” and “dendron” means “tree.” The juice of Buransh, a nectar filled rhododendron flower serves as delicious and intoxicating drink in almost all parts of Uttarakhand. Buransh squash is extracted from naturally growing handpicked rhododendron flowers growing at high altitudes of Uttarakhand. Since ancient times, Buransh flowers have been used for medicinal purposes. It is beneficiary antioxidant drink to prevent you from such diseases like heart, liver, kidney and skin.

Buransh Squash health benefits:

Anti Inflammatory :- Ayurveda and homeopathic medicines have used Buransh flowers and leaves to treat inflammation, gout, bronchitis and arthritis.

Pain relief:- Rhododendron leaves are commonly used to treat headaches. Juice of Buransh flower helps to cure stomach ache.

Antioxidant :- It is a beneficial antioxidant drink to protect against diseases of heart, liver, kidney and skin.

Good for Heart:- Buransh reduces blood pressure and bad cholesterol.

Net Weight. 650 ml