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  • Bhatt Ki Daal - Nirvana Organic Store
  • Bhatt Ki Daal - Nirvana Organic Store
  • Bhatt Ki Daal - Nirvana Organic Store

Bhatt Ki Daal

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BHATT (BLACK SOYBEAN) known for its high protein and fiber content, black soybeans or Bhatt ki daal also has excellent health benefits, including managing diabetes, strengthening bones, lowering blood pressure, healthy digestion and weight loss. It is also a great source of Vitamin E and amino acids which helps in keeping the skin healthy, build muscle and maintain the health of your hair.

Bhatt ki dal is the organic black soybeans which are cultivated here, in the high rises of Uttarakhand. Using this humble ingredient, different foods are prepared, where Bhatt ki Dal and Bhatt ki Chudkani/Churdkani are the two most iconic dishes from Kumaoni cuisine.

The difference between the Dal and Chudkani (pronounced as Churkani) lies in the process of preparation. In Churdkani, the lentil is first fried in oil while in Dal, you soak it overnight and temper once cooked. Also, the Churdkani is watery, unlike Dal which is thick in texture.

Dals are like staple diet in Kumaoni cuisine. Usually, the lentils are soaked overnight before cooking. Cooking is mainly done in iron pans or Lohe ki kadai. The taste and composition of the food are enhanced when you cook in iron pans. You would need very less oil, it can withstand high temperature and you needn’t worry about breaking it as it is heavy.

Ghee is used for tempering as it helps in digestion of these coarse and fibrous grains. You can always use oil instead of ghee.

Net Wt.: 500 gms