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  • Apple cider vinegar is a very popular home remedy used in our kitchens for a long time. People have used it for centuries in cooking, seasoning, toppings, and medicinal uses, etc universally. Apple cider vinegar can relieve a wide range of health issues, we have tried to document some of the health benefits of regular use of Apple Cider Vinegar for you. View Post

      Angara is an earthworm seeding preparation. To make it’s selection easy one uses soil from beneath a Banyan tree which has ample fruits and very fertile root systems including the roots that drop which have fertility promoting substances (for man and soil). If Banyan trees are not available ... View Post
  • Nutrition for our fields. 

      We are what we eat and similarly, our plants, our farms, our orchards also gives us back what we feed them. Are we feeding our earth with chemicals and poison or are we providing healthy and organic manure with love and affection?  Vedas Contribution to Vedic Agriculture Vedic people’s anot... View Post
  • Role of five elements in our food

      Traditional farming or Vedic farming was done keeping few basics in mind. All the five elements of nature play an important role in cultivation of healthy and nutritional food. A seed is planted in earth, it is nurtered with water and manure, health air plays an important role and finally sun... View Post

Nirvana Organic

NIRVANA ORGANIC food products are curated to promote health, happiness and complete wellness. 

NIRVANA ORGANIC food products are cultivated in the pristine Himalayas, without the use of any chemicals and packaged with loving care.

NIRVANA ORGANIC is actively working towards women empowerment, youth engagement, education and other developmental projects in the Uttarakhand, Himalayas.

By choosing NIRVANA ORGANIC food products you are supporting our mission and participating in creation of sustainable environment.