Traditional farming practices:


There was a time in our country when "green revolution" was, perhaps, necessity due to poor yeild and high population. But all of us have also seen the extreme Ill affects of this so called revolution. Cancer has become so rampant around us and we better check this incessant malpractice which is extremely crucial for our health and our loved ones surely deserve better. 
We need to go back to our tradition, our ancestors were worshippers of mother nature and they knew how to live in sync with mother nature.
Vedic agriculture in Ancient India had many developments in science, mathematics, civilization, and Agriculture. Especially, the Vedic people skilled in cultivation and succeed in Agriculture. The Hindu people had strongly followed the traditions and cultures so that every practice of agriculture was associated with these religious customs. The people started the agricultural practices such were ploughing, sowing, reaping and harvesting on auspicious days only. Few of the people made the crop fields as their modern laboratories and studied the nature of crops and plants. The Vedic Agriculture performed properly by understanding the weather and monsoons.
At Nirvana Organic farms in Mukteshwar, we are working on restoring our traditional vedic farming practices for your wellbeing. 

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