Top healthy eating hacks !!!

Are you forced to eat out at times? Office party, wedding, weekend restaurant hopping?
Solution:Load your plate with vegetables, make it look full with healthy vegetables, you will be comfortable and next day morning will be smooth.
As per experts, your breakfast is the most important meal for you, it should be properly balanced and not loaded with only fried, or only carbs. Balance it with some fruits, carbs, millets etc.
Don't starve yourself by skipping a meal or two, it's unhealthy practice. Yes fasting is very good but practice it.
Be sure if your self while eating out, why do you want to do it? Can you avoid it? Or simply settle for a salad and soup.
Ask questions.

Do you have a list in mind while you are out shopping grocery? You must. Get rid of impulse buying while in a grocery store. You should be absolutely clear with a specific list of shopping.

Crucial, cut down on processed foods, simply knock it off the kitchen list. Just not acceptable and you know the reason why.

Limit your sodium and refined sugar. Rock salt and jaggery are simple and healthy substitute. Refined sugar is simply the catalyst for cancer cells.

Don't try to be a nerd, don't punish yourself by counting calories. Eat sensibly, enjoy your food, eat healthy, go for a walk, be conscious but don't get into overdrive.


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    The article includes tips on how to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet, how to make healthy food swaps, and how to prepare healthy meals. The article also provides advice on mindful eating and the importance of staying hydrated.

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