Apple jam

Everyone likes a good apple jam spread over a crisp warm toast or a fresh piece of bread and yes on a parantha, apple jam goes well will all of these and much more.
Fresh apples have their own health benefits but converting them into jams has its own charm and benefits.
Let's share our secret recipe with you here.
We pick the choicest apples from our fruit orchards in Mukteshwar Himalayas when they are ripe and ready. People love our jams and preserves with cinnamon, sulphur less sugar and a hint of vanilla. The crucial thing is the timing that highlights the natural fruity flavor of apple and right consistency that allows you to spread it on your toast or parantha just right.
Apart from the goodness of tasty apples from the mountain orchards we also take care of using sulphur free sugar while making our jams and chutneys. Sulphur free sugar is safer and healthier option, this is an eco friendly process.

Nirvana Organic is happy to present the hardwork of our women farmer communities with our apple jams and spicy chutneys.

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