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  • Herbal Teas for Weight Loss !!!

    Majority of people around the world like their cup of tea, tea for relaxation, morning tea, tea for freshness, and whatnot. Numerous types of teas are available on the shelf like Green, regular, black, oolong, yellow, etc. Many of these teas come with health-promoting substances called flavonoids... View Post
  • Healthy fruit jams !!!

    Fruit jams and chutneys are very popular food in all our kitchens and dining tables. Our kids love them and yes we also love them. Let’s try to understand this interesting food item on our dining table, what exactly is a fruit jam?There are various kinds of jams, some are ordinary, some are loade... View Post
  • Natural food vs Junk Food!!!

    Many of us, in fact, most of us crave sugary and greasy food items that we know very well are unhealthy for us but we just can’t control our urge to keep it away. On a lighter note, this also seems to be a trend of Kaliyug where the villain appears to be a hero and he(she) overpowers our senses ... View Post
  • Living in sync with nature!!!

    All of us have heard about 5 elements of nature or Pancha Maha Bhuta in Sanskrit. If we observe carefully, we would realize that we are linked to our environment very closely, our physical body consists of water, we need air to breathe, and yes we can do without healthy soil or earth to produce f... View Post

Nirvana Organic

NIRVANA ORGANIC food products are curated to promote health, happiness and complete wellness. 

NIRVANA ORGANIC food products are cultivated in the pristine Himalayas, without the use of any chemicals and packaged with loving care.

NIRVANA ORGANIC is actively working towards women empowerment, youth engagement, education and other developmental projects in the Uttarakhand, Himalayas.

By choosing NIRVANA ORGANIC food products you are supporting our mission and participating in creation of sustainable environment.

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